Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself

by Essence Williams on March 28, 2020

Yep, this is me. Your founder. Decked out in a mouse eared bathrobe, with my morning oatmeal, alkaline water (a must!) and three screens up (also a must) 😂.  I'm sure most of you can relate to this being your life right now.  And given the current climate, as a lot around us seems to be going up in smoke with no end in sight, certainly things as a founder can feel really shaky and unsure.  And I guess the reality is that everything for me and my business can change in an instant. Just like you guys, I've had to suddenly face a few roadblocks as well. Being that stores are closed, my stockists aren't making wholesale purchases. Potential deals I've been working on have been put on the back burner. A massive content strategy roll out that's been several months in the making has abruptly been put on hold indefinitely (and yes I already paid 😓). 

I am lucky to say that through this crisis, you guys have been keeping me productive through THE ESTABLISHED e-store, but just like you guys I'm having to put reality into  sudden perspective. If my current channels got ripped away, what other tools do I have to rely on? Am I expansively harnessing my gifts or under-utilizing them? How am I working with what I DO have?

Whether you're a fellow founder or budding entrepreneur, 9-5er stuck at home, or just someone that's trying to figure it out, I'm sure somewhere in the middle we've all been facing that same reality in some way. So what better time than now to peel back the layers and focus on what other ways you could be sharing your gifts? Maybe the message isn't always intense growth, but re-connection and re-direction. 

I believe in human connection as the strongest form of capital. Some of my usual channels are experiencing stumbling blocks, sure. But I still have this beautiful community of minimalist beauty enthusiasts and incredible supporters that I'm happy to pivot into the opportunity to reconnect with. So I'm peeling back my layer and focusing on what got me here in the first place, which is you guys. Sales are the life force of any business, but I felt that using this time to pushing sales and ads would be taking advantage of a very sensitive time for most. I wanted to reach out to you guys directly in a way that resonated with my personal values as a founder and with the integrity of THE ESTABLISHED as an honest company.

If you need anything--a source of clarity, an ear to listen, a venting sesh from small biz owner to small biz owner--don't be afraid to reply to this email or contact me on social @essenceiman + @theestablished 

Know that you are fully supported.

In time,