My Favorite Body Care Hacks

by Essence Williams on June 29, 2020

After YEARS of trial and error (literally years) I've learned that body care CAN be sooo much less stressful.

I know what it's like to blindly put my trust in the market and be consistently frustrated every time a product let me down. At least the good that came out of my once disappointing skincare journey was The Established 😅. I've openly suffered from my share of personal body care concerns from persistently dry skin and rough bumpy legs with those dots behind them (murder me) so I'm here to pass the torch on information that I WISH some one would have shared with me. Here it is:

To Visibly Reduce Bumps on Your Arms of Legs and Improve Texture:

Dry Brushing

1. Implement dry brushing into your pre-shower routine 1-2 times weekly. Hit each troublesome body partwith the brush for at least 60 seconds (small circular motions) with a big emphasis on the areas in question. You want to exfoliate the built up cells on the surface. Be gentle! You don't want to cause micro tears on your skin by being so eager.

Damp Skin Moisturizing

2. Moisturize on dampened skin. This locks in moisture giving the ingredients and botanicals a chance to actually WORK. Plus it takes half the time. I achieve this with the ELIXA and sometimes follow up with one of our ALL DAY CREAMS for flawlessly silky smooth legs.

To Combat Ingrown Hairs

Exfoliate, Then Rub

Exfoliate (again, I love to dry brush) and then follow up with a highly absorbant, nutrient dense oil, rubbing it in for 60 seconds. One of my favorite hacks is using face products on my body from time to time. Believe it or not, although it's a facial concentrate, I have used our PREMIUM serum to achieve this. It's worked wonders for my 🐱

For Itchy Skin:

Cold Showers

YES. You read that right 😅. Cold water helps stimulate and improve blood flow, FAST. This means that when you cold shower your blood flows more effectively, reinvigorating your skin cells. Hot water can strip away the natural oils of your skin and dry it out, while cold water helps to constrict blood vessels to temporarily tighten pores and reduce redness and inflammation.

(I promise a follow up blog post about why I swear by this frosty start to my day and how it ties into my minimalist lifstyle). 

How To Achieve a REAL Glowy Dewy Look:

Use a Hydrating Mist 

I get a lot of questions about how I get my glow ✨. I've kept it quiet until now, because I'm done being rude 🤣. 

On a cleansed face spritz a hydrating toner to prime your face before you start putting on your makeup. Note: This MUST be done with a HYDRATING toner. That means one with no drying properties like alcohol or witch hazel. Our INDIEAfterglow Tonic is a pivitol part of my morning routine because it lends tons long lasting moisture. After you beat your face, spray it again all over (be generous--I go until i'm basically a wet dog) in place of a setting spray. You can either leave it here or take it a step further like I do and spray it on my makeup brush, which I then dab over a highlighting product over my cheeks and under my eyebrows 😉.

Happy hacking!