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The Distancing Diaries

by Essence Williams on April 02, 2020

A series on re-adapting to life in the age of the coronavirus.

Hey guys. How have you been coping and connecting?

Sticking to a daily routine for me has actually been much easier than I thought - even within the confines of my home. But then again I'm an introverted earth sign so, I mean, there's also that.

I will say that my wellness schedule has been the key to keeping me sane through the age of COVID-19. Here is the exact breakdown of how I've been redefining my normal:

6:45 am - Email/Social Media Check. Morning Meditation/Affirmations + Gratitude

7:30 am - Virtual Fitness (HIIT please!)

8:30 am - Cold Shower (SWEAR by. Take one--YOU. WILL. SCREAM.)

9:00 am - Avo Toast, then Go Time

1:30 pm - Lunch
(no coffee after 2:00!)

6:00 pm - Wind It Down

7:00 pm - Oil Bath Ritual (I like to dry brush my body for exfoliation beforehand to feel extra silky coming out) then nightly face routine

9:00 pm - Kiki with Girlfriends/Read/Freestyle the rest

11:00 pm - Lights Out

This combo of mental and physical well being TRULY helps me to look, feel and perform my personal best. I'm glad to say I'm hanging in there. When do you guys feel like you're really healthy and thriving?