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The Distancing Diaries: Productivity Guilt

by Essence Williams on April 09, 2020

Guys. It's gotten to me too. That constant nagging feeling that more is MORE.

Generally I've been able to keep an upbeat mood and positive mindset, but perfectionism gets the best of even me sometimes and always seems to find a way to creep up on me in some form or another.

With THE ESTABLISHED it's the constant urge to create--content, products--anything to make me feel like I'm making the most out of things especially during this unique time. If you're anything like me it can become EXTREMELY anxiety inducing. So how do you manage to feel productive without losing balance?

I'm learning to stop competing and comparing. Even if it's with myself! When I feel things getting too intense I always circle back to my "why." What's yours? Honing in on what your why is is a sure way to trim the fat. Half the stuff that gets us so worked up hardly matters in the long run anyway. Who are you doing it for? Do they pay a bill? (If the answer is yes, I don't know what to tell you there sorry lmaooo--look I don't pretend to have ALLLL the answers okay).

Part of the reason I was led to start a beauty company is that I hugely subscribe to the practice of self-care. Not to the final extent of washing your face and putting on makeup and moisturizer on to make it all better (don't get me wrong, that s**t does work πŸ˜…)--it's about doing YOU and putting yourself and your needs first. Do you hear me? FIRST. I'm not kidding. That means checking in with yourself when you start to feel the pressure or guilt. We've gotta stop normalizing these forms of self neglect. And pushing yourself beyond the brink is neglectful. I challenge you to practice giving less f's. It's gotten me through a lot.

So let's talk a minute and collectively dust our shoulders off, shall we? Let's brush it off and reach peak bad bitchery levels together.

(Your fave beauty entrepreneur and lifestyle shero)