The Distancing Diaries: Shedding Skin

by Essence Williams on April 18, 2020

Can we at least admit that Quarantine has been an excuse for the biggest lifestyle detox that nobody asked for? Having established so many healthy new habits and tapping into my underutilized talents daily, I must say I think I'm doing pretty well swimming with the tide, especially considering my past struggles with pushing myself too hard to make the most of this time out. I've since worked to change this dramatically and I've really found my power in fluidity and not getting fixated and obsessed (first house Scorpio, here) on perfection. At least I thought I did 😬. Until I realized my fixation just shifted towards my beauty practice. Oops!

Now, DON'T GET ME WRONG. This climate has been the perfect excuse to up the ante on our self-care routines. I can't lie--I love the extra time I get to spend in my bathroom vanity daily. But I've subtly been noticing the urge I've had lately to take it overboard. Trying to cram in multiple routines in one night so I'm making sure I'm hitting everything, trying to finesse professional treatments at home so that I feel continuously gathered--all for what, so I can re-emerge as Naomi Campbell as soon as this mandated stay-ca is lifted? (Short answer, YES). The thing is, beauty should feel joyful, not like an obligation. Next thing I know I'm gonna be sitting around looking crazy with a bloody scar down my cheek from trying to attempt at home micro-blading. That being said, I think this is the weekend I'm deciding to take a healthy break.

Let's be real, by now all of our eyelash extensions are either on our pillows or on the floor. The hair weave is god knows where, and I know I'm not the only one that legitimately hasn't seen a bra in weeks. If there was EVER a time to take advantage and hone in on your inner beauty its um NOW. And sometimes that's all you need to find a quick re-charge as the self discovery you never knew you needed. Sounds cheesy but that's facts. I've consciously practiced this in the past, but lately I've been cheating. So here are some thing's I'm going to do this weekend to switch gears and find some beauty balance.

Take a bath (with wine). Cue bath salts.

Instead of taking a shower and trying to cram in a shave and body exfoliation that always seems like a chore to do.

Ditch the makeup.

I'm going to solely focus on keeping my skin cleansed and moisturized. The last drops of my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer are hanging on by a thread anyway.

Journal first thing in the morning

Do NOT reach for that phone!

And finally...

Abstain from my favorite thing that was ever invented--the mirror.

Sadly, mirrors only fuel the obsession we have with trying to find something to fix.

Can we all just agree to take a collective chill pill this weekend? Like a real one. You wanna lay in bed for a little longer? Fine. You wanna do a lil' quick 15 minute workout instead of a two-a-days? Fine! It's really okay girl. Let's focus on progress, not perfection. On that note, I'm stripping it bare for the couple of days and doing me.

See you on the other side of this weekend!