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Why Body Serums Are The Future of Skincare

by Essence Williams on July 17, 2020


Don't put oil on your skin, they said. Who wants to be more oily, they said. But we knew better. 

Skincare has become synonymous with face care. And when it came to body moisturizers, lotions and body butters were as far as it went. Since our inception The Established took on a philosophy of clean botanical skincare--minimalist yet high-performing. And through our body boosting serum ELIXA we'll show you why body serums are a product not worth counting out.


Body serums are highly concentrated. There's less BS in the formula than you're getting in your typical lotion made of 70%-90% water. YES. Water. That means you're usually getting less than a fraction of 1% of the nutrient-rich ingredients brands boast about, with the rest of the ingredients being fillers. True story. Ima need you to think about just how ineffective that is.


A lighter textured serum can better accommodate water-soluble ingredients such as antioxidants and vitamins. Like our ELIXA, when a body serum is comprised of oils with molecules that closely mimic the size of your actual skin cells, your skin actually absorbs those nutrient dense ingredients and allows your skin cells to regenerate with ease.


Body serums are the superior skin moisturizing agent on dampened skin, cutting your after shower routine by a fraction of the time. It's quite perfect for the girls on the go. And by on the go I mean to the computer screen.

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