Why I Quit My Job Yesterday

by Essence Williams on September 15, 2021
Something a lot of people don't know about me is that for the past 6 months, I've been operating The Established with a full time job as an Executive Assistant. I fought against going back to work for a while. I thought in some way it would mean that I was kind of failing as an entrepreneur--what would that say about the state of my business if I needed to get a job? But if I wanted to massively scale, I needed to bring more money to the table, which is just the reality small businesses face.

I shook it off and stopped worrying so much about how I would appear to others for the betterment of my business. "The job is there to serve you, not the other way around" I told myself everyday with a very succinct plan to be in and out. I put up with a lot at that piece of shit job including a boss that didn't know his ass from his elbow, and passive sexual harassment from another sleezebag partner. In time, our stay at home order revealed to me just how much my job was falling out of alignment with the trajectory of my future. But this week I'd reached a personal fever pitch.

I want to share something with you from yesterday that didn't sit right with me. Here is a piece of the statement from my ex-CEO regarding our current climate. The following image includes my response:

No way after reading this email would I ever walk back in to work at a place like this. And thankfully (and gratefully) I've positioned myself in a way that I will likelyneverwork again. I trusted my gut and walked away from this job and have never felt more free to be a full-time entrepreneur again. Overnight, I have seen a significant spike in sales and traction and I'm being confronted with what happens when you walk in direct alignment with your purpose and stay firm in the fabric of your integrity.Again to all that have supported me in any way--from subscribing to sales, I'm sending you the sincerest thank you. You have my full attention.